Fully Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Widely used on rooftops, large power stations, industrial and commercial distributed power stations, first-class solar voltaic carports and other major fields

Products Details

Fully automated solar panel cleaning robot

Product Description The unique anti-glare hidden vision sensor design ensures that the robot can accurately acquire positioning information even in heavy pollution or bright light environments, enabling high-precision positioning of PV modules. Without any field modification, the robot's own Al vision system can achieve millimeter-level positioning navigation on the module surface. Without human monitoring, it can sense, plan and make decisions autonomously for perfect cleaning automation.

Product Specifications

Portable PV cleaning robot has 6 major product features: 1、Battery can be replaced, and the battery life is worry-free Single robot powered by 2 lithium batteries, can make the whole machine uninterrupted operation for 2 hours. Bullet clip type quick disassembly design, the endurance time is easily extended. 2、Night cleaning Low power auto return The cleaning robot can safely carry out cleaning operations at night, and return to flight with low power autonomously positioning. Daytime does not affect the power station generation, significantly improve the user power generation efficiency. 3、Lightweight and portable panel 0 burden Innovative use of aerospace materials, lightweight design of the whole machine, to avoid the trampling damage to the PV panel during the cleaning process. The lightweight structure design reduces the burden of handling for users, and a single person can quickly deploy and manage dozens of machines at the same time, saving cleaning costs and effectively improving work efficiency.


4、One key start rotation Intelligent planning path The intelligent robot can be started at the touch of a button. The special rotating cleaning mode, equipped with integrated sensors, so that the robot can detect the edge of the array, automatically adjust the angle, independent calculation of the optimal and effective cleaning route, comprehensive coverage without missing. 5, adsorption staggered walking to adapt to a variety of oblique surfaces The robot closely adsorbs itself to the surface of PV panels through movable suction cups, and the staggered distribution of auxiliary suction cups enables it to walk more stably on smooth slopes from 0-45°, adapting to various complex operating environments. 6、Turbocharged nano waterless cleaning more excellent A single cleaning unit is equipped with two nanofiber roller brushes rotating in opposite directions, which can pick up the dust particles adsorbed on the surface and gather them to be instantly sucked into the dust box through the centrifugal force of the turbocharged centrifugal fan. The same area does not need to be repeated, cleaning without water consumption, environmental protection and energy saving.

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